If you would like to participate in CEBE’s activities you can become a member. By doing so, you will get access to our newsletter with our events, job offers, etc, as well as free entrance to different courses in the field of professional development and participate in the mentoring program together with the Univerdad Autónoma de Madrid to help bringing students to Belgium. On top of that, you will be able to attend the annual general assembly of CEBE, where you can share your ideas with us, as well as suggest events about your own interests.

Membership fees

For master or bachelor students, the annual fee is 10 EUR per year.

For doctorate students, post-docs, researchers in private or public companies, etc, the annual fee is 20 EUR per year.

People with other nationalities than Spanish, or non-Belgium resident if Spanish, or people in general who promotes the same objectives than CEBE, can register as adherent members. Adherent members will receive as well the newsletter, can attend the events, have access to job offers, outreach their research and attend the general assembly. They can also be tutors for the mentoring program for students. However, they can’t vote in that assembly and they can't be in the administration board. They will have no access to money grants but they will do have access to courses and seminars at a reduced price like general members. The annual fee is 5 EUR for master students and 15 EUR for the rest falling in this latter category.

Note: The annual fee is considered per natural year. Example, if you register on 1st November, you will be a member until 31st October of the following year.

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