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Webinar cycle “Translating knowledge: the world of science communication and illustration”

- Webinar 2: "Scientific illustration: the artistic side of science"

Past 30th of June, the second webinar from the series “Translating knowledge: the world of scientific communication and illustration” took place online. In “Scientific illustration: the artistic side of science”, three superb professionals who explained to us (and showed) how they ended up doing what they loved the most, despite their different career trajectories.

- Cirenia Arias (@cireniasketches, freelance scientific illustrator and postdoc research assistant)

"For me, scientific illustration is about solving communication problems, finding bridges for communication."

- Gil Costa (@GilCostaDesign, freelance Scientific Designer and Illustrator)

"For me, visual science communication (especially for scientists) has to do with clarity, salience, flow and visual impact."

- Miriam Rivera (@miriamriig, scientific illustrator at Biomiics)

"For me, illustration is a powerful tool to communicate things that you cannot sometimes communicate with words: our minds work with images and imagination, and words are not enough to explain complex concepts. This is the magic of illustration."

Did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can (re)enjoy it here!



- Webinar 1: “What does being a science communicator mean?”

Past 3rd of June, CEBE started a series of webinars called “Translating knowledge: the world of scientific communication and illustration” with the webinar “What does being a science communicator mean?”. Three outstanding professionals who displayed a different background but shared a common passion for science communication answered this question.

- Pablo Barrecheguren (freelance science communicator):

“For me being a science communicator is something very joyful and, sometimes, very hard. So, if at a certain point you find yourself somewhere you do not want to be in, it is OK to go back”

- Esther Sánchez García (scientific editor of Carne Cruda radio program, podcast director and editor)

“For me, a science communicator is a tool to spread the importance of science to the public (remember, you are not the news but the intermediary between science and people)

- Juan Manuel Sarasua (freelance science journalist and science communication consultant)

“For me, being a science communicator means connecting dots, or connecting scientific research with general audience interest”

Would you like to (re)watch this interesting webinar? Here you have it, enjoy!


Webinar Wellbeing&Covid19 - 9 de Abril 2020

Last April 9th took place the webinar Wellbeing&Covid19, if you could not attend live we leave here the link so you can see it again. Thank you very much to Jennifer Pickett, Ernst Koster and Bénédicte Schepens for their participation. And now... click play and enjoy: