How should men help to reach gender equality?

Gender equality in science, we are not there yet

Mónica Vara Pérez · 01-09-2020 10:00 · Gender equality in science Science Chronicles

Most events that deal with gender equality in science use the terminology “Women in Science” and it has been observed that speakers, organizers and attendees are mainly women (in this event happened too: around 90% of our attendees where women). Men, and some women as well, do not think there is a problem and those who do, they sometimes do not feel welcome to participate or they feel attacked.

It should be emphasized that the purpose of achieving gender equality in science is that whoever is scientifically talented can pursue a career in science, irrespective of their gender.

Initiatives such as “Men for women in science” (by L’Oréal) try to incentive men to contribute to reach gender equality. However, individual measures are equally effective in this regard, for example, by supporting the women in your environment, evaluating your personal biases to avoid them or being an active bystander (i.e. don’t allow other people to mansplain, not listen, harass or speak in a demeaning way to women in front of you).


Estoy a favor de la igualdad de derechos y deberes entre hombres y mujeres, siempre lo he estado. Y recalco lo de igualdad.

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