Buddy program

The Association of Spanish Scientists in Belgium (CEBE) makes its mentoring program Buddy Program available to its members.

Our mentoring program aims to put mentors (CEBE partners) in contact with university, master and doctoral students, and professionals with academic, research or business backgrounds, with experienced mentors who will voluntarily give support and guide the mentee in the goals they want to achieve in the context of the following aspects of the Buddy Program:

  1. Professional development: support to define a professional project and serve as a guide in the personal, training, and professional development of the mentee.

  2. Lifestyle and tips: help settling in Belgium and documentation and paperwork support.

  3. Networking: encourage the mentee's network.

Mentors and Mentees must fill out the application form (see below) and the CEBE team will match between mentors and mentees according to the profiles and preferences selected by each of the interested parties.

Who can access the program?

All those who are CEBE members and are up to date with their annual payment quota may be mentored (become a member). 

All those who wish to participate voluntarily can be mentors, without having to be CEBE members. All those mentors who are not CEBE members and who want to contribute to mentoring CEBE buddies, will receive 6 months of free membership (from the beginning of the mentoring). During this period they will benefit from and enjoy our programs and activities (apply to a travel scholarship, access job offers, subscribe to our newsletter ... and much more!)

Together we can help each other achieve our goals!

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