Documentary "Invierno en Europa" (Winter in Europe)

04 June 2019

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, CEBE is organising an event, in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy of Belgium, to talk about a very critical topic: “refugees and mental health”. How the life in extreme and traumatic conditions can influence our mental health? Is our medical system prepared to handle the diagnosis and treatment of mental problems related to this causes?

The event will start with the viewing of the documentary “Invierno en Europa” (Winter in Europe, trailer here) by Polo Menárguez, which shows the life of Afghan migrants in an old abandoned train station in Belgrade while they wait for a dream: to cross the border with Hungary and reach the european promised land.  Then, we will continue with a short talk about the implications of the refugees situation on their mental health, and we will finally open the debate on how these problems can be better addressed.

During the debate, we will count with Polo Menárguez (director of the documentary), Abdul Saboor (young photographer and refugee from Afghanistan), and Gonzalo Vargas Llosa (representative from the UN Refugee Agency - UNHCR) in the debate.

*The movie is in English and Arab with English subtitles.

Registration is free but mandatory (reduced number of places)!

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18h00 Open Doors

18h15 Documentary viewing

19h15 Scientific talk: refugees and mental health

19h45 Debate

20h30 Closing doors