Science & Bières: Louvain La Neuve

30 October 2019



November’s cold and rain calls for new heating resources and hence, for a new “Science & Pintjes (or Science & Bieres in Wallony)” in the warm and cozy Louvain la Neuve! The concept of this divulgative event is pretty simple: fun and approachable scientific talks in the relaxed and chill bar environment, because beer makes science go round!

This 19th November at the Pub Blackfriars we will talk about neuroscience and number recognition with Virginie Crollen, about the immune system implication in cancer progression with Diana Campillo Davó and about space and its relationship with SPECULOOS with Francisco J. Pozuelos Romero. Sounds interesting, right? Well, get your ticket because the bar harbors limited sitting space!!

Speakers :

Virginie Crollen: “How vision is necessary for mathematical perception and understanding”

Diana Campillo Davó: "Genetic modification of T cells: leveling up the immune system to fight cancer"

Francisco J. Pozuelos Romero: “Searching for nearby habitable worlds”

We look forward to meeting you there!

Get your tickets in the following link :