Science & Pintjes: Ghent - 18 March 2017

18 March 2017

The talks are given in English.


Join us on Saturday March 18th at 18.00h in Backstay Hostel Bar (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 128 – Ghent)

18.00h – Opening doors and presentation of the organization (Beatriz Domínguez – president of SSBE)

18.30h – First talk: “Bootstrapping science: bottom-up actions and kickstarting new fields of research”, by Winnie Poncelet

19.00h – Science show: “Smart polymers inspired by nature”, by Victor R. de la Rosa

19.15h – Second talk: “Digging for answers: when archaeology meets physics”, by Christina Makarona

19.45h – More beer and discussion

21.00h – End of the event


Christina Makarona is a PhD student at VUB. Her doctoral work is about adapting strategies from the domain of geology to the study of ancient ceramics. She is also working as a multimedia developer for science communication at CMarkable.

Victor R. de la Rosa is an IWT postdoctoral fellow at UGent in the department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, where he finished a PhD on Supramolecular Chemistry. He is currently preparing a spin-off company for polymer R&D and production, with a special focus on developing novel applications in biomedicine.

Winnie Poncelet is a biochemical engineer, biohacker, entrepreneur, and science communicator. He was one of the initiators behind the first DIYbio lab in Flanders, ReaGent, where he researches new biodegradable materials. He’s also a driving force behind Ekoli, a non-profit dedicated to bringing bioscience education to underprivileged groups and school children. Recently he has teamed up with several colleagues in the collective Break it Down to offer his experience as services in science communication.