Science and Pintjes: Brussels - 28 September 2018

28 September 2018 ·


How to solve environmental and energy problems at once? Have you ever thought of the awesome physics of everyday objects? What comes to your mind when you hear the words “nuclear physics and radioactivity”?

All these questions and more will be answered during the next Science and Pintjes event organized by CEBE, Científicos Españoles en Bélgica/Spanish Scientists in Belgium, a science outreach event in a bar, with relaxed atmosphere and beers.

The talks will be in English.

The entrance is FREE!

Join us on Friday 28th September at 19h00 in Café des Halles Saint-Gèry/Agora (Place Saint-Géry 1, 1000 Brussels)

19.00h – Opening doors and presentation of the organization (Beatriz Domínguez president of SSBE)

19.30h – First talk: “Solving environmental and energy problems at once!”, by Nuria Martín

20.00h – Science show: “the awesome physics of everyday objects”, by Daniel Pérez

20.15h – Second talk: “Nuclear physics for health” , by Simon Stegemann

20.45h – More beer and discussion

22.00h – Closing doors


Nuria Martin, is a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow in KU Leuven, where she develops new materials for pollution control and production of cleaner fuels. She is the inventor of 8 patents with one of the top-leader chemical companies.

Daniel Pérez does a PhD in Physics at KULeuven about superconducting materials and he is a passionate of science communication. He popularizes science by using a blog, a YouTube channelTwitter and Facebook. He also does stand up scientific comedy and was the first Audience Award winner of FameLab Belgium 2015.

Simon Stegemann, is a PhD student in nuclear physics at KU Leuven and at the CERN MEDICIS facility, where he collaborates with scientists all around the world to develop strategies to use CERN facilities for medical research and cancer treatment.



Solving environmental and energy problems at once, by Nuria Martín

How to turn the exhaust gas of your car into gasoline? The talk explain how is possible to decrease greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere by converting them in other environmentally friendly compounds or even into synthetic fuels to run our cars and industry, achieving a total recycle of the CO2 emissions and minimize the environmental footprint.

The awesome physics of everyday objects, by Daniel Pérez

We are all surrounded by objects that can display amazing effects, you just need to know how to use them. In this talk, I will show you how weird a falling chain can behave and the physics behind it

Nuclear Physics for health, by Simon Stegemann

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “nuclear physics and radioactivity”? Nuclear energy? Nuclear bombs? Fukushima? Obviously, there is much more than that, in fact, nuclear physics is a key component in medicine for the imaging and treatment of cancers. This talk aims to introduce how nuclear physics is applied in health care and how international research facilities, such as CERN, are involved in the development of new and personalized cancer therapies.