Science & Pintjes: Leuven - 26 Noviembre 2017

26 October 2017 ·

Did you know that the production of pharmaceuticals has a significant impact on nature? Would you like to how nuclear medicine can help to improve your health? How can I use physics in my everyday life?

All these questions and more will be answered during the second Science and Pintjes event organized by CEBE, Científicos Españoles en Bélgica/Spanish Scientists in Belgium and the KU Luven science communication department, a science outreach event in a bar, to celebrate the Dag van de Wetenschap in Flanders and Brussels.

Join us on Sunday November 26th at 15.00h in KUp (Naamsestraat 22, Leuven)

15.00h – Opening doors and presentation of the organization (Beatriz Domínguez president of SSBE)

15.15h – First talk: “Nuclear weapons against cancer: what?!”, by Thomas E. Cocolios

15.30h – Physics lifehacks by Daniel Pérez

16.00h – Second talk: “Eco-friendly pharmaceutical for a better future”, by Francisco G. Cirujano

16.30h – More drinks, coffee and cookies… and discussion too 

18.00h – Closing doors


Francisco G. Cirujano is a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow in KU-Leuven, where he develops new catalysts with the aim of achieving more environmentally friendly process for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Daniel Pérez does a PhD in Physics at KULeuven about superconducting materials and he is a passionate of science communication. He popularizes science by using a blog, a YouTube channelTwitter and Facebook. He also does stand up scientific comedy and was the first Audience Award winner of FameLab Belgium 2015.

Thomas E. Cocolios got his bachelor and master in Physics at McGill University in Montreal (Canada). Soon after, he moved to Belgium to start his PhD in nuclear physics at KULeuven, where he graduated in 2010. Today, he is still in KULevuen as a professor, and he counts with a wide experience in research, which comprises several years working at CERN and also in the University of Manchester. His main research focuses on the CERN-MEDICIS project, which relates nuclear physics to applications in cancer treatment.


Eco-friendly pharmaceutical for a better future

By Francisco G. Cirujano

This talk explains how is possible to carry out a sustainable management of natural resources through green organic synthesis of value-added products.

Nuclear weapons against cancer: what?!

By Thomas E. Cocolios

Nuclear radiation resonates in people’s mind with danger and warning signs. But what if those radioisotopes could also be used positively for health? From molecular imaging to internal radiotherapy, radioisotopes are now more and more used in medical applications. Let’s see how and what is left for us to do about it!