Present your research with impact

13 April 2021 · ·

Present your research with impact

Trainer: Toon Verlinden


During the workshop you will learn all about it and get to work. With loads of tips, tricks and examples we will help you to break down your complex research in a message that everyone can understand.

And provide answers to questions like:

And much more...


About Toon/The Floor is Yours

Toon Verlinden is international presentation coach and expert in science communication. Together with Hans Van de Water, he set up The Floor is Yours. With their company they have trained thousands of researchers in the techniques necessary to prepare and give effective presentations. Toon is also a freelance science journalist and organizer of the science festival Sound of Science.


Date: 21 April, 18.00h


Free Members of CEBE (if you are member you should have received a discount code by email)

Non-members: 120€

25-30 participants (Limited spots)

Two free books will be raffled among the attendees

Registration here